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The Current and the Future of Government Fraud Detection & Mitigation

Fraud Detection Report

Irregularities & Fraud Report: Public Sector & Government in ASEAN

Understand the current trend of government frauds and irregularities in ASEAN and learn why government and public sector must take serious measures and actions on preventing the loss of public money while avoiding any damages that could be caused through frauds or scams with robust fraud detection and management technology.

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Overview of the report

  • Scandal, corruption, and fraud have long plagued government institutions across the ASEAN region
  • Unfortunately, fraud cases or scandals are not discovered until significant financial losses have occurred normally costing millions even to billions of taxpayers’ moneys
  • With this uncontrollable situation, it's obvious that detection of government fraud often comes too late and the current methods may not be sufficient enough to keep up with fraudsters' evolving tactics and tricks
  • Revealing the truth of the current government fraud detection and prevention methods: The lack of integration of advanced technologies in government systems is a significant barrier to combatting fraud in the public sector
  • Discuss the future of the government fraud management and mitigation by leveraging the right technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Knowledge Graphs, and Behavioural Targeting
Types of Typical Government Fraud

The Forecasts of Government Digitalisation Journey by the Expert:

By 2025, Gartner predicts that over 75% of governments will operate more than half of workloads using hyperscale cloud service providers
By 2023, at least 85% of governments without a total experience (TX) strategy will fail to successfully transform government services
By 2024, at least 60% of government AI and Data & Analytics investments will directly impact real-time operational decisions and outcomes

Success Stories with the Right Combination of Fraud Mitigation Advanced Technologies: