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Leave No Gaps for Fraud!

#1 Fraud Detection Platform Trusted by Banks and Governments

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  • Minimise fraudulent loss and reputation damages
  • Optimise customer experience and loyalty with a highly secure environment
  • No entrance for known fraud patterns
  • Ensure no new frauds and/or suspicious fraud patterns

What will you gain from it?

Free access to fraud demo with fraud mitigation experts: 

In-depth insights on how to leave no stone unturned for all types of frauds with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and knowledge graph

Relevant use cases or live demos based on your specific scenario, requirements, or industry

A specific customise fraud mitigation proposal for your organisation

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Above 95%

Fraud detection accuracy in real time

Enable immediate action for real fraud cases

> 50%

Reduce investigation effort on false alarm

Enhance operational efficiency

> 90% ↑

Improve efficiency for the entire fraud elimination/ prevention process

From weeks to hours

Trusted by banks and governments across Asia

Trusted by banks and governments across Asia-KewMann-1-1-1

Minimise All Types of Fraud Risks

Transaction Fraud

Internal Fraud

Data and Identity Theft


Financial Misconduct

Anti-money Laundering

Insurance Claims

Market Conduct Compliance

 New Frauds - Detect the unknown to be known fraud

Discover the Power of Predict and Influence

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