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The Regulatory Technology (“RegTech”) Grant is part of the Financial Sector Transformation and Innovation (“FSTI”) scheme:

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Proven Results After Enhancing FSI & Bank Fraud Detection with KewMann

Above 95%

Fraud detection accuracy in real time

Enable immediate action for real fraud cases

> 50%

Reduce investigation effort on false alarm

Enhance operational efficiency

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Improve efficiency for the entire fraud elimination/ prevention process

From weeks to hours

Trusted by banks and governments across Asia

Trusted by banks and governments across Asia-KewMann-1-1-1

Minimise All Types of Fraud Risks

Transaction Fraud

Internal Fraud

Data and Identity Theft


Financial Misconduct

Anti-money Laundering (AML)

Insurance Claims

Market Conduct Compliance

 New Frauds - Detect the unknown to be known fraud

Discover the Power of Predict and Influence

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